Ohavia Phillips

She’s a reporter/producer for Time Warner Cable News coming up on the second anniversary of her May 2015 graduation. Meet Communication Studies major, journalism minor grad Ohavia Phillips.

What was your experience in the Department of Communication Studies?

Amazing! In fact it was so amazing that I am working in my field. Overall, I want to be a bold representation of UNCC's Communication Studies Program. This department has shaped me in so many ways, I am grateful.

What was the best thing about your time in the Department of Communication Studies?

The bond I formed with all of my professors, they really become your family. From staying after class to discuss homework or catching up over Starbucks about life. The bonds with the professors and the TAs are so authentic.

What are your words of wisdom to current students in the Department of Communication Studies?

You are able. Sometimes, when it comes to growing in our desired fields, we become so wrapped up beating others to the finish line. Learn to hone YOUR voice, YOUR style, YOUR personality, and YOUR work ethic. Ultimately, it will create a lane for you that ONLY YOU can succeed in. The best part? Knowing there is no one competing beside you, because you were the author of your success.

What would you tell someone considering becoming a student in the Department of Communication Studies?

Please do it. The bonds with professors is unmatched, the bond with your classmates lasts forever, and your love for Communication (in all facets) will grow. I promise you. I still apply much of what I learned in class to the newsroom, nothing went to waste.

Why did you choose the concentration you did within the Department of Communication Studies and how has that choice been the right one?

Because I have a big voice and a big personality, but I needed discipline. Who wants a loud anchorwoman? Right? Overall, I believe UNCC's Communications Department was my saving grace and muse behind much of my ideas. I trusted these awesome professors, TAs and tutors to steer me right. A gift untrained is just a gift. But a gift that's trained becomes a successful discipline. (Yes! I made that up!) I wanted to maintain my dream of working in TV, but I needed the academia behind it. Best decision I ever made.

What else should people know about you?

I am excited for your life. You can do all things! I want YOU to know that I support you and I believe in you! Trust yourself! I trust that YOU will find your lane and rock it!!! Also, follow me on instagram @iamohaviaphillips ... let's stay connected and build one another up! #AllTheWayUp