Andrew Baker

Since his graduation in May 2015, Andrew Baker has been giving back to communities here in Charlotte. Meet this Communication Studies – Mass Communication major with minors in journalism and religious studies here, or at the YMCA of Greater Charlotte, where he is the marketing director.


What was your experience in the Department of Communication Studies?

My experience was and still is a positive experience. I’ve gained mentors and life-long friends. My degree is more than the paper it’s printed on. The Department of Communication Studies has helped to mold me into the alumnus I am today. I use my skills that I gained throughout college to better the Charlotte community and to thrive in my career.

What was the best thing about your time in the Department of Communication Studies?

I really appreciated the amount of time the professors invested in the students. Many of them helped guide me in progressing from wide-eyed college student to big idea professional in Charlotte.

What are your words of wisdom to current students in the Department of Communication Studies?

1) Always honor the past, live in the present, and look towards your future. 2) Always look for ways to not only be diverse, but inclusive. Diversity is counting heads, inclusion is making those heads count!

What would you tell someone considering becoming a student in the Department of Communication Studies?

Regardless of the department you join, college is more than just the grades. Yes, your GPA matters, but what else are you doing? Go find internships, get involved on campus, get involved with your community. Employers want to see you have knowledge in your subject field, but they also want to see you have character as a human being. Get involved!

What else should people know about you?

I am the President of the Young Alumni Board of Directors for the UNC Charlotte Alumni Association. I am also a 2017 graduate of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce’s Emerging Business Leader program. I feel very strongly about making an impact in the community I live in. Therefore, I am the weekly gameday announcer for the Miracle League, which is a baseball league for individuals with special needs. Myself and my fiancé, Emily Kupsky, also have created our own community organization, Dream to Achieve, which provides individuals with special needs an opportunity to learn the sport of bowling.