Special Section Considers (Un)civil Digital Society

A special journal section of the International Journal of Communication. has become available, "(Un)civil Society in Digital China." The section, co-edited by Dr. Min Jiang, UNC Charlotte associate professor of Communication Studies, explores an authoritarian state uses the Chinese Internet to concentrate and solidify its power -- in the name of civility, rationality, and order. The section also considers how expressions of incivility online delegitimize regime critics and create ultra-nationalist identities.

Articles include: 

Uncivil Society in Digital China: Incivility, Fragmentation, and Political Stability

Min Jiang, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Ashley Esarey, University of Alberta


Demobilizing the Emotions of Online Activism in China: A Civilizing Process 

Guobin Yang, University of Pennsylvania


Withering Gongzhi: Cyber Criticism of Chinese Public Intellectuals 

Rongbin Han, University of Georgia


Slogans and Slurs, Misogyny and Nationalism: A Case Study of Anti-Japanese Sentiment by Chinese Netizens in Contentious Social Media Comments 

Jason Q. Ng, Citizen Lab, University of Toronto

Eileen Le Han, Michigan State University


Wenming Bu Wenming: The Socialization of Incivility in Postdigital China 

Gabriele de Seta, Academia Sinica Institute of Ethnology, Taiwan