Communication Studies Major

Bachelor of Arts Degree: 120 hours
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Academic Plan of Study

Program Summary Information

  • Declaring the Major: Students are initially classified as Pre-Communication Studies (PCOM) majors until they meet the following requirements: minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0; successful completion of the foreign language requirement; Grade C or above in COMM 1101, COMM 2100, and either STAT 1220/1221/1222; change of major form accepted year-round after student has attended a Communication Studies orientation/advising session.
  • Advising (major): PCOM majors are advised by the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Advising Center. Communication Studies majors are advised by the departmental Academic advisor or assigned faculty advisors. Advising is recommended once students matriculate into the major and at least once per year.
  • Advising (General Education): By advisors in College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Advising Center
  • Minimum Grades/GPA: GPA of 2.0 or higher in the major required for graduation
  • Teacher Licensure: No
  • Night Classes Available: YES; though few, major cannot feasibly be completed by taking only night courses.
  • Student Oganizations and Opportunities: Forensics Speech and Debate team; Communication Studies Student Association; Public Relations Student Society of America ; Lambda Pi Eta; Departmental Honors; Internship Program; Certificate in International Public Relations ; Minors in Journalism and Communication Studies.
  • Contact Person: CommstudiesAdvising


Program Requirements

The Communication Studies major is a 54 hour program with a relatively structured curriculum. Students who apply for the major are initially classified as Pre-Communication Studies majors until they meet the prerequisite requirements.  Students will complete 24 hours of core requirements, 12-21 hours of course work in a specific track of study, 6-18 hours of approved related course work. The five tracks of study are: Health Communication, Mass Media, Organizational Communication, Communication and Public Advocacy, and Public Relations. All related coursework must be approved by the student’s assigned adviser or chosen from the list of pre-approved classes.


The B.A. in Communication Studies offers five tracks of study: Click on the links below to view the track and the suggested plan of study