Welcome to the Communication Studies Learning Community Page


A learning community is a group of students with similar interests who take classes together and share academic and social experiences designed to enhance the first-year experience. While the program runs through the first academic year, the benefits you’ll receive can last throughout all your college years and beyond.

Students who participate in learning communities, studies show, are more likely to have higher grade-point averages, are less likely to be on academic probation and are more likely to graduate on time than their peers. Plus, students say, learning communities make their years in college much more enjoyable and profitable.


Opening in the fall of 2014, the learning community in the communications department has been set up to introduce 20 to 25 pre-communication majors to the department.

The program begins with a freshman seminar course in the fall semester. In this class, you’ll hear from representatives of student services -- the writing center, the counseling department and other organizations -- that have been set up to help you adjust to college life. You’ll learn about the five tracks in communication studies -- health communications, mass media, organization communication, public advocacy and public relations. You’ll meet professors from each of these tracks and discuss the requirements and the benefits of each course of study. You’ll  learn about student organizations that will help you develop as a professional. You’ll visit local media outlets to learn from professionals in action.

In the spring semester, you will take COMM 1101, the public speaking course that is a prerequisite for students declaring a communication major. The class will be exclusively devoted to members of the communication studies learning department.

Throughout the year, you'll be given the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities -- trips and other activities designed to be fun, educational or inspiring. The learning community is set up to help develop a core of students who can become student leaders in the department.


First, you must be officially accepted to the University before you can be considered for a learning community. Then you must complete the Learning Community Application. To learn more about the Communication Studies Learning Community, email director Craig Paddock at jcpaddoc@uncc.edu or call 704-687-0775.