Department of Communication Studies Internship Program - COMM 4410/4445

Interested in doing a COMM 4410/4445 Professional Internship?

Students may now self-enroll themselves into the Canvas training course where they will complete the online orientation and subsequent quiz.  All students interested in registering for COMM 4410/4445 and JOUR 4410 must complete the Internship Program Online Orientation and subsequent quiz as part of the requirements to register for an internship.  

To self-enroll in the Canvas training course “Department of Communication Studies Internship Program Online Orientation” go to and follow the instructions.


Information students will receive during the Internship Program Online Orientation includes:

  • Where and how to contact potential internship sponsors
  • The difference between a 49ership and an internship
  • Eligibility requirements to register for an internship (Comm 4410/4445)
  • Assignments for Comm 4410/4445
  • What to do when you get an internship offer
  • Steps to registering for Comm 4410/4445

Internship Math

There are two options for the amount of time students spend on-site during the semester:

  • 3 credit hours = 120 hours on site
  • 6 credit hours = 240 hours on site

Fall/Spring semesters (15 weeks):     

  • 8 hours per week = 120 hours
  • –16 hours per week = 240 hours

Summer Sessions I and II (10 weeks):

  • 12 hours per week = 120 hours
  • 24 hours per week = 240 hours

**Summer tuition rates apply to the registration of 4410, just like all other courses where you must

 pay for the credit hours you are registered for. 

Eligibility requirements for Comm 4410/4445:

  1. Students must complete the online orientation to the internship program.
  2. Students must be of junior or senior standing (60+ hours on your transcript)
  3. The student must be a communication major or minor, or journalism minor. 
  4. The student must have a 2.0 or better overall grade point average. 
  5. The student must have completed certain track requirements. Students majoring in Communication  Studies must have completed only those courses in their track: 
  •   Mass Media COMM 3120 or COMM 4101 
  •   Public Advocacy COMM 2102, COMM 2103, or COMM 3130 
  •   Organizational COMM 3141 
  •   Public Relations JOUR 2160 and COMM 2145 
  •   Journalism JOUR 2160 and JOUR 3160 
  •   Health COMM 2100 and COMM 3115 

       6. Students minoring in Communication Studies must have completed 1 of the following 5 courses before being eligible to commence an internship. 

  •   COMM 3115-Health Communication 
  •   COMM 3120-Mass Media 
  •   COMM 3130-Communication & Public Advocacy 
  •   COMM 3141-Organizational Communication 
  •   COMM 2145-Principles of PR

Internship Blog

Read about an mass media major's reflection of the importance of the internship program. 

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Announcement for Interns:

Summer 2017 Internship Registration Deadline:  Monday, May 22 at noon.